Our services are applied to all types of construction including building, civil engineering, heavy civil, industrial and process engineering, mechanical and electrical installations, fire services, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and drainage. We are also involved in corporate insolvency and restructuring work. Services can be provided at any location, and in addition to Hong Kong. The Contracts Group member companies have provided services all over the world including the PRC, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Russia and South America. Please click on the links below for a list of projects with which our staff have been involved.

Gateway II, Hong Kong : Retainer service; Advice on contractual and commercial matters, protecting contractual interests.

Ground Transportation Centre, HK Airport : Provision of claims teams for Contractor - Team Leaders, Senior QSs and Planning Engineers.

HK Convention & Exhibition Centre Extension: Preparation, neogitation and defence of Extension of Time and Loss & Expenses Claims

Hong Kong International Airport: Preparation of delay & disruption claims; acting as expert witness in a number of arbitrations on various projects.

Tung Chung Development, Hong Kong: Contract Advisors to the developer consortium of the new town at Tung Chung.

Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong: Claims preparation, mediation, adjudication and arbitration proceedings for a number of clients.

Oil Terminals / LNG Projects: Contracts & claims advice and contracts administration services to a number of projects.

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre: Specialist contractual and commercial advice to Subcontractors.

HACTL Superterminal No. 1, Hong Kong: Expert commercial and contractual advice to the franchisee

Pacific Place, Hong Kong: Advised the Developer on contractual matters, minimizing risks and protecting contractual position.

Tsing Yi MTR Station: Provision of commercial and contractual advice to the building sercvices subcontractors.

Cultural Centre, Hong Kong: Advised the main contractor and subcontractors on measurement, variation and claim matters.

Zhuhai Power Station, PRC: Contracts administration services to Main Contractor to provide on-site expert advice and assistance.

Penny's Bay Reclamation: Provision of Quantum Expert for arbitration proceedings.