Asphalt Plant
Black Point Power Station
Cafe de Coral Food Processing Plant
Cement Factory
Chemical Plant
Construction of Offshore Modules
CRC Oil Terminal, Tsing Yi
HAECO Hanger 3A, Docking System
HAECO Tseung Kwan O
HKPFH Joint Venture, Handling of Surplus Public Fill 
Injection and Wellheads
LNG Plant1
M&E Services to Offshore Modules
Mobil Oil Terminal
MTL Terminal 1, Kwai Chung
Ngau Tam Mei Water Treatment Works
Ngong Ping Sewage Treatment Works
North Lantau Refuse Transfer Station
North West Kowloon Sewage Treatment & Disposal Scheme
Oil Terminal & Lube Blending Facilities
Petro-Chemical Plant, Refinery Upgrades
Shatin Bottling Plant
Shell Oil Terminal
Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme - Pumping Stations
Tai Po Gas Plant
Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works Stage 5, Phase 1 & Phase 2B